‘In My Hand’ Cover Art Unveiled

Enter the mystery of In My Hand with this awesome and pulpy new cover artwork by Steven Yaffe:


Dazzle Them With Doo-Wop

There’s something that Neil Gaiman does at the end of American Gods and it’s genius: Attacking his own writing before his fans can. I’ve placed it below in its entirety so you can bear witness to the unequivocal self-awareness of a talented and well-seasoned author. *** Nobody's asked the question I've been dreading, so far, … Continue reading Dazzle Them With Doo-Wop

Rewriting History: A Short Discussion on Speculative Fiction

*Originally written for the Drexel Publishing Group, now known as 5027mac. Published 1/17/2014* Ever wondered what would happen if the Axis Powers won WWII, JFK was never assassinated, or John Travolta never played Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever? Until the invention of time machines (preferable in DeLorean form), we may never know for sure. … Continue reading Rewriting History: A Short Discussion on Speculative Fiction

Part I/July 1, 1958/Chapter 4

“…met with President McCarthy in Miami yesterday afternoon to voice his thanks for the aid the American Expeditionary Force provided to Cuba in crushing the Communist insurrection that had attempted to seize control of the island nation... In addition to thanking the United States, President Batista stated that he was eager for closer relations between … Continue reading Part I/July 1, 1958/Chapter 4

First IMH Artwork Released!

Check out the first concept art of Detective Morris Baker for In My Hand, drawn by the incredibly talented Steven Yaffe! In the author's humble opinion, Steven really captures the haunted, drunkenness of our protagonist--more to be revealed on that in later chapters. View more of Mr. Yaffe's work on his ArtStation website HERE and stay tuned for … Continue reading First IMH Artwork Released!

Historical Hijinks: “The Maltese Falcon” & Film Noir

Get ready for Chapter 3 tomorrow with this quick little history lesson! *Originally published by the Drexel Triangle's Into The Vault column* Gumshoe, dick on a case, or Sherlock Holmes, whatever you call it, the private detective is perhaps the most famous profession in all of film noir. What is film noir, you may ask? … Continue reading Historical Hijinks: “The Maltese Falcon” & Film Noir