Thanks for Watching

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” If you have never happened upon this now cliched saying, then maybe you’ve never been a dairy farmer or have lived in some kind of subterranean cavern, the entrance to which has been concealed by a very sizable rock, for most of your life. In any case, this is a very circuitous way of explaining that no more chapters of In My Hand will be released at this time. Please save your questions until the end.

Now, I know most responses will be comprised of some iteration of “What the Hell is In My Hand?” and that’s totally fine because I am neither an established household name nor am I even a published novelist as of yet. I’m just some schmuck with the lofty (perhaps unattainable) dream of becoming both. For those of you who have been keeping up with the book’s progress on this website, I and my very fragile ego would like to thank you for your kind words of praise and encouragement. It is you, dear reader, who has pushed me to find the resolve to finish my debut novel. Yes, the novel’s not even finished yet, which is partly why there will be no more chapters until the narrative is completed. Moreover, I hope that In My Hand will one day find itself in print, which brings me back to the bovine byproduct analogy.

This website is part of my senior project at Drexel University and while I do not plan to abandon it after it has served its purpose as a prerequisite for graduation, it was only ever a means toward an end. *takes out handkerchief and dabs at corners of eyes* In other words, it is proof of a literary grassroots promotion to show potential publishers. Whether In My Hand will ever reach the presses is yet to be seen (I don’t have the necessary funds to consult with a psychic right now or even a Magic 8 Ball for that matter), but I cannot, in good conscience, give away the whole story at the moment. I’d much rather you hold a physical copy of the book in your hands (or on your tablet) and finish it then. Chapters 1-5 were just the appetizer; the finished novel will be the meal.

I understand that if a waiter told you that he didn’t know when the main course would be arriving, you’d probably walk out of the restaurant without paying for the appetizers out of spite; I’d do the same thing. However, as your waiter and chef of sorts, I urge you to be patient because I believe it will be well worth the wait. And besides, I still need to publish a few more posts on this blog anyway to meet the 16-post minimum required for my project to be considered complete. So, look out for a few more notes from me over the next week.

Thanks for watching.

-JH Weiss


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